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 about janna 

Made up of 50% carbs, 30% sugar, 20% dad jokes and 100% sunshine, Janna Linae is a New York based performer. She was born in a little village town outside Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where she rocked the mic nightly on the stage her dad built in the basement. After rave reviews from her stuffed animals following her Andrew Lloyd Webber tribute concerts, Janna decided it was time to go pro. Having fully ingested the theatre bug, Janna continues to geek out over theatre every day and always strives to find the humor in life. 

After nabbing her Bachelors in Musical Theatre from Oklahoma City University, she's worked professionally with such companies as Lyric Theatre of Oklahoma and Festival 56. 

Outside of making bold choices onstage, Janna is usually found outdoors looking at flowers and trees, riding rollercoasters, watching The Bachelor unironically, and eating a LOT of tortilla chips.